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All the services that we provide our clients can be white-labeled and rebranded for your marketing agency to sell to other clients. White labeling allows you to present a complete digital marketing service to your clients without breaking your back from the additional effort. Instead, we will do all the heavy lifting for you.

E&Co White Labeling: Why It's For You

If you don’t already know, what is white labeling? White labeling is the rebranding of an existing product or service by another company so that you can present and sell it as your own.

For example, let’s assume your agency offers web design and development but no social media strategy. Instead of hiring specialists, or an entire social media team, or doing a social media crash course and building a DIY social media strategy from scratch, you can hire our existing team. But unlike outsourcing another vendor, you will be presenting a social media strategy that we at E&Co prepared, one that seamlessly integrates with your web campaign for a complete digital marketing solution that has your signature all over it.

The value of white labeling is that you can offer a complete marketing solution to your client without having to find other vendors or suppliers to fill in the gaps. Businesses can understand and appreciate the benefits of a full marketing campaign that includes digital and social and would prefer to get everything from just one marketing expert.

We guarantee that we can complete your campaign with seamless and efficient execution and integration.

Our Process

Our White Labeling service best exemplifies the value of our focus on collaborating with our clients and having shared values and goals. From the beginning, we assign you a dedicated project coordinator who will learn your processes to integrate them into our own. As soon as you have selected our available services, we will redesign them to fit and accommodate your services. Proposals, presentations, and reports will follow your branding and style. We follow our other services’ processes with the additional step of going through your agency as mediator. If you feel that this somehow slows down the project, we can opt to front-face, speak to your clients directly, often with your supervision or participation.

Case Study: Branding Redesign

One of our recent clients requested us to white label branding redesign for one of their top clients – an emerging health and wellness brand. Our project manager for this project implemented front-facing with our client to get information on their client’s business goals. We also identified their client’s target market, performed extensive market research to determine what appeals to them, and redesigned their brand accordingly. The rebranding provided 150% better visibility and a dramatic increase in social shares. Ultimately, our white label service directly contributed to an uptick in their sales and revenue.


What is private labeling, and is it the same as white labeling

White label and Private label are related services, but they differ in how the client acquires the service. White label service is a prepared package offered to clients, while private labeling is requested by the client and customized according to how the client needs the service to work.

There is customization in white label services, but the service was already existing before we offer it to the client.

Will you contact/communicate with clients directly?

We will not contact or communicate with your clients directly. We will only contact your clients if you wish us to, and the communication will be white-labeled. We will be speaking on behalf of your brand. If you want us to communicate with your clients through email, you will need to create an email address for the coordinator dedicated to your project using your company domain  ([email protected]).

Are you willing to sign non-disclosure agreements?

We are very willing to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). The objective of white labeling is to pass off our service as your own, which means we are not supposed to exist. Signing NDAs are in our best interests as well.

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