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So: you’ve set up your business, have a fantastic product (or an equally stellar service), and you’ve done the research, so you know your target market. Nice, but what are you doing in terms of branding design and identity development?

Why is Branding Design Important?

It’s a mistake – and a serious one, at that – that many entrepreneurs and startups make. Most assume that all you need to do to create a brand is have someone draw a logo, craft a catchy slogan, and have it trademarked or copyrighted. Unfortunately, that’s just scratching the surface of what effective branding design is all about.

Especially now, with an extremely competitive global marketplace, excellent and effective branding design coupled with smart online marketing initiatives is what will put your company head and shoulders above others in your industry. In which case, you need to call in the experts to help you out – and that is where we at E and Co. Solutions come in.

But I Have a Logo - Why Do I Need All These Branding-related Services?

Your brand is not just about the image that appears on your product’s label, the icon that identifies your website in a browser tab, or a quirky catchphrase that is easy to remember and witty enough to shoot off in conversation. Branding design is all about establishing an entity’s identity both on and offline: it announces your presence, gives the public an idea of what you’re all about, and what exactly makes you (and your product or service) different from everyone else.

Why Branding Design Matters

Consider the reasons why you need to have a brand that strikes a chord in people’s minds:

When properly executed, a good brand tells the public where it began, what prompted its creation, what values its creators uphold, and the causes it supports.

Have you noticed how certain brands loom large in people’s memories? For instance, the smiling Quaker gentlemen on the Quaker Oats can calls to mind happy mornings with one’s family or how the iconic Edwardian script of the classic Coca-Cola label is one of the most identifiable brand markers even after over a hundred years in existence. Good branding design ensures that you and your product have maximum recall – not only with your target market but with everyone else, as well.

Let’s put it this way: your stock-in-trade happens to be coffee, but with everyone and their brothers putting up coffee bars on every corner, what’s going to put you on the proverbial map? A great brand won’t just put your name out into the market, but it will help pique potential customers’ curiosity, especially if it looks unique and the story behind it is interesting.

What E and Co. Solutions Can
Do for You and Your Brand

We aren’t just another branding agency, but we work alongside you to put you and your company in the best possible light. Our Branding Design service portfolio involves the following:


Branding indentity development

We work closely with you to determine the kind of image you want to project to your target market. If you’re a startup or launching a new product or service line, we need to know everything about it to create a distinctive visual identity device [logo], tagline, and even the tone or brand voice that is unique to you.


Smart and driven rebranding initiatives

Thinking of breathing new life into an existing brand or rethinking your brand position? We can help you there, too. From a simple logo redesign to a full-on rebranding exercise that reflects significant changes to your company or product, we can handle it for you and deliver the most striking results.


Putting your brand where it matters

Brand positioning is one of the most challenging aspects of branding design. It entails a great deal of research: what are you offering, who else is offering a similar range of products and services, and even how much your product costs compared to its competitors. We have people who can do the math and dig through the details for you to determine your exact niche in the industry and how to make the most of it.


Smarter strategies = maximum impact

These aren’t just about where to put your logo on your product label, but more of where you can reach as broad and as large an audience as possible. We sit down with you and consider the possibilities of link placement in related websites, impactful content highlighting your product, structured campaigns via different social media and traditional media channels, as well as seasonal and promotion-driven campaigns.


Do it by the [brand] book

Your visual identification device or logo is your ID, your public face. Developing a brand book for it with you establishes the visual standards that protect the image of your brand, including those for color, shape, font, and placement.

Are you ready to tell the world the story behind your company and product?

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