Good Looks Get You Noticed,

but Great Content Brings in

the Customers

Websites and blogs with all the bells and whistles for interaction and engagement are a dime a dozen these days, drawing in visitors with gorgeous designs and easy to use functionality. Unfortunately, a great-looking site can only get you so far: if you don’t offer smart, expertly written content, you can’t convert occasional visitors into long-term ones or paying customers. This is why you need to engage a content writing service like ours.

Can't I Just Do My Own Content?

You probably can – but we have to ask: how good a writer are you? Even if you could do your own writing, drawing in visitors and converting them into clients or customers involves an entirely different set of variables: quality, consistency, and how it stacks up in terms of making your site searchable.


There’s writing, and then there’s good writing. Even for websites with a decidedly fun slant, such as those for fast-food companies or fashion brands, they need to sound strong, confident, and authoritative. Quality content writing helps achieve this: well-written articles bolstered by professionally-checked facts, excellent grammar, and engaging language can help cinch the deal in most cases.


Quality is one thing, but how consistent is the tone of your writing and style? Engaging a content writing service to craft it all for you means creating a voice that is unique to you, your product, and your company as a whole. Once this is established, a team of dedicated writers will develop engaging content in that voice, ensuring that the tone, rhythm, and mode of presentation are consistent regardless of length and content.


A dedicated content writing service helps ensure that your pages will pop up within the first ten or twenty search results on Google or any other search engine. It’s done by strategically peppering the articles with the right keywords, phrases, identity markers, and themes.

Why Should I Consider E and Co. Solutions for My Content Writing Needs?

At E and Co. Solutions, we make sure that the content we develop for you is both of the best
possible quality and SEO-ready. We make this possible with:

Our team is made up of writers and editors who have years of experience in technical and features writing and journalism. Together, they can ensure that all your material is well-written,
cohesive, and grammatically  impeccable.

Research is one of the key factors why you should consider engaging E and Co. Solution. It isn’t just a matter of saving time on your end. Still, our writers’ diverse working backgrounds help
them delve deeper into the assigned subjects, get relevant details, and ensure the  accuracy of the information featured in their work. Accurate facts and figures will go a long way in boosting your position as an authority within your chosen industry.

Content creation specialists will first determine the best words to use as descriptors and markers for your site, doing comparative research with similar sites or sites for products within the same industrial niche to boost your chances of being featured in the first and second pages of search results. Our team can spin the most effective keywords and metadata for you and your site.

Let's Get Down to Cases

So, you might be asking what sort of results you can expect with a content writing team working with you. Consider the results that some companies have received thanks to carefully and smartly produced content:

Boosting an Organic Cosmetics Brand

The brand in question was a startup cosmetics firm that needed to boost its online numbers to gain a foothold into a highly competitive market. While much of its marketing initiatives were formulated in-house, the brand’s management team decided to work with an external content creation team that would handle its homepage content and blogs. The team developed the brand’s homepage content, crafting smartly-written text to describe its products, ethos, and advocacy. This resulted in an over 40% spike in site traffic over 60 days, as well as substantial engagement across its social media channels.

Here's What We Can Do For You

At E and Co. Solutions, we offer the following services for your consideration:

SEO-ready content for websites and landing pages

Curated blog posts featuring key brands or products;

Engaging social media content across several platforms

Metadata development to ensure site searchability on popular and/or commonly used search engines;

Industry-relevant research and reporting; and

Compelling product and service descriptions

More than just another content development service, we are on hand to help boost your image on and offline.

Are you ready to tell the world the story begine your company and product?

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