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It’s easy to dismiss link building as little more than placing links to your site just about anywhere – and everywhere – you can squeeze them in online. But there is so much more to it than that: smart link building involves knowing exactly where you should put your links in order to deliver the traffic you need for your site.

Hang On: How Does Link Building Work for You?

Building or creating backlinks to your website is critical in being found on the first page of an online search. Search engine algorithms, take Google’s, for example, depend on backlinks to determine which website ranks higher with regard to certain keywords.

It’s a common enough tactic used by SEO practitioners because links signify that your site is a valid source of information regarding specific topics, an authority to be cited or considered when it comes to research or a brand to be reckoned with in terms of products and services. The more backlinks you have from relevant sites can boost your searchability, enabling you to rank higher in an online search and be found more easily.

However, it is a practice that is tedious, calls for a great deal of research, carefully planned outreach, and a great deal of time. We know that, for entrepreneurs who are aiming to grow their businesses, time is a crucial commodity that shouldn’t be squandered on time-consuming tasks – and that’s where we can offer E and Co. Solutions’ proven link building services.

Link Building the E&Co. Way

At E and Co. Solutions, we have over a decade’s worth of shared experience where link building
is concerned. Our team is made up of highly qualified SEO specialists who carefully go through
the net to seek relevant websites where link placement can deliver maximum impact. They take
charge of manual outreach to the webmasters behind these sites and ensure that every lead
collected measures up to the metrics set by our clients.

Our link building services include the following:

  • External blog linking, which may include links from the blog’s homepage or backlinks within individual posts;
  • Post-links within the online industry or interest forums.
  • Q and A links within inquiries made on information community sites like Reddit and Quora;
  • Links within blog comments; and
  • Citation link.

Not just that, we even do the full service for your business so that you can focus on your core operations.

Our Process

We use the following process to gather and build backlinks for our clients:

How Do we Ensure You Get the Results You Need?

As with anything, quality control plays a crucial role in what we can do for you. In the case of our link building services, we make it a point to adhere to the following standards:

  • All topics are relevant to the client’s niche market or audience;
  • Any links posted are written into the main body of the content as opposed to being placed in a sidebar, header, or footer;
  • As much as possible, links should have no designation and must be written into the existing page content instead of being marked as Partners, Links, Paid Links, or even Sponsored Links. If referencing links is necessary, however, these are designated as Recommended, Similar Sites, or as Relevant Sites;
  • Links stay live on the pages they’ve been posted for at least twelve (12) months. In which case, the site’s permalink structure should not be changed for the term’s whole duration.

While we usually ask our clients for the metrics they have in mind, there are those who leave this step to us. Based on our internal Quality Link Manifesto[A1] , our minimum standards when it comes to effective results involve the following:


Page Authority

Domain Authority

Domain Rating

Domain Age

Referring Domains

Ahrefs Traffic


20 or higher

30 or higher

30 or higher

One year or older

300 or higher

1,000 or higher

Case Study of a Successful Link Building Campaign

To give you an idea as to what sort of impact link building services can have on your site – and,
by extension, your company’s further exposure to your target market or audience – consider the
results we delivered for one particular client:

36 live permanent text links with an Approved Link Buy Conversion Rate of


Eight live permanent guest post links with an Approved Link Buy Conversion Rate of


Live Blog Comments, Forum, as well as Q&A Links.


The placement of these links helped increase traffic into the client’s site, effectively boosting their search rankings with Google and other search engines.

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