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One of the challenges faced by today’s entrepreneurs and business owners involves juggling everything all at once, from developing strategies for growth to the minutiae of daily operations. It’s highly stressful, drains your energy, and may potentially drain your resources if you aren’t careful. So you might be wondering at this point: is there a way by which I can keep my business running without having to do everything myself?

Well, that’s where virtual assistant services come in.

Wait... What's a Virtual Assistant?​

Virtual assistants (VAs) are people who can handle administrative, technical, and even creative or developmental tasks for you and your company without having to hire onsite staff. Of course, this means you can’t ask them to run the usual round of clerical errands like grabbing your morning coffee. However, they can handle everything from replying that matters. From customer inquiries to crafting highly effective websites or online business hubs, VAs get the job done. They can also populate your sites with highly engaging content to drum up your business. Working from remote locations, VAs are usually hired by entrepreneurs and small businesses that need administrative support but don’t exactly have the budget for full-time staff. In general, you can assign routine tasks to them to focus on more pressing matters affecting your business.

What Can a Virtual Assistant Do for Me and My Company?

VAs can do for you cover a broad spectrum of areas that run from everyday tasks like bookkeeping and records-keeping to more demanding roles for social media management, content development and deployment, online marketing, and even graphics and web design.

E and Co. Solutions offers VA services in the following categories:

Clerical Support


Schedule handling and event management

Data entry

Creation of presentation materials for meetings and conferences

Research and white paper writing and/or preparation

Online Support

Website development
and design

Branding design

Content creation for blogs and webpages

Social media management for corporate or brand accounts

Online communications management via email, live chat and messenger service

Promotional Support

Inbound marketing including leads generation and funnel management

Creation of timely content for periodic newsletter

Management of promotional channels

Online customer support

Why Hire a VA?

Having a VA is more cost-effective and efficient

Clients only need to pay for the VAs’ productive time and materials. Likewise, you are not looking over your shoulder or the clock all the time: deadlines are set, and work is delivered on schedule.

Having a VA allows for maximum flexibility in the workplace, as well as tailor-made productivity solutions

Given the range of services we offer, we can create VA service packages that have services specific to your requirement, and deliverables can be accomplished on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis, depending on your needs.

VAs with specific skills or specializations can help push your business forward

This is especially true in fields like real estate, automotive sales, and even applications development. Having VAs who have extensive knowledge of your industry gives you professional leverage as they can help you strategize with promotional campaigns, make informed suggestions for key initiatives, and even make technical adjustments whenever necessary.

Our Process

At E and Co. Solutions, we make it a point to know our clients first in order to determine what exactly they need.

So How Does E and Co. Solutions Go About Getting Me the Right Kind of VA?

In order to do this, we follow a specific process:

a. Project Description

b. VA scope of Work

c. Working Timeline

Case Study

How Having a VA Boosted Our Client's Link Placements

So how do specialized VAs help improve your business? Consider what happened in the case below. With a VA team made up of highly-experienced SEO link-building specialists reaching out to webmasters handling relevant websites, our client was able to achieve:

36 live permanent text links with an Approved Link Buy Conversion Rate of


Eight live permanent guest post links with an Approved Link Buy Conversion Rate of


Live Blog Comments, Forum, as well as Q&A Links.


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